Elsie Turns 1!


Baby William

This four-day-old boy is as precious as can be. He is so lucky to have such kind and outdoor-loving parents! He has a great life of music, hiking, biking, strolling, and boating ahead of him. His parents care about each other and prioritize their family and look forward to starting new traditions with their sweet boy. They had a fur baby, Ellie, first, but now their family is even more precious. Check out the highlights from his newborn shoot for adorableness!  

Mae Turns 1!

I had the joy of swimming with Lauren weekly throughout her pregnancy. Her passion for her children is admirable. She was so excited about the arrival of Baby Sparkles and prepared her best for a non-eventful delivery. Lauren ate well and exercised and created this beautiful little girl, who looks just like Lauren. How could a whole year pass so quickly?

Now, Mae is walking and chatting everywhere. She is into everything. She loves her dog and horses. It's a pleasure to know this sweet girl and I'm excited to see how she grows up to be spunky just like her momma (and very protected by her brother and daddy of course!)! 

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